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Progress Report

Hi Andrea,

Please share this with EFF staff and others.

My war against my cancer continues to progress. I'm now 6 weeks into taking the drugs that I fought an epic battle to get. And there is some evidence that it may be working although I'll get a scan at the end of the month to really find out. But suffering some side effects of the drugs but managing it. So this combination is buying me the time I need to get from plan A to plan B.

Speaking of plan B - possible good news.

As I said in the beginning, most people who know me expect me to figure out how to cure my cancer before it gets me and in the beginning the chances of that happening were nearly zero. Not any more. I'm onto to something.

The new frontier in cancer treatment is immunotherapy - getting the immune system to attack the cancer. In that world there are now a small percentage of people who are making it to the cure - but some have no effect.

I've been forming a big picture about how this all works and I think I'm onto a method that will significantly enhance immunotherapy and make it work in a larger number of people. I have written up my plan here.


The interesting thing about this is that it is a new paradigm where the plan isn't to directly kill cancer but to focus on taking the immune system to school. What this means is using lower dosages and more combinations of anti-cancer drugs with the idea of wounding the cancer so that it releases its smell (antigens) into the bloodstream for training purposes, and at the same time I use a checkpoint inhibitor combination to unmask the cancer. Then I also use a small amount of radiation to kill a sample for learning and use hypothermia to create an artificial fever to make my body think it's infected and go into search and destroy mode. Then get an extra flu shot just to piss off my immune system and create a complete classroom for the adaptive immune system to learn what the cancer looks like. And with the anti-aging drugs I'm on I'm repairing my epigenetics so as to create a higher contrast between my normal cells and the cancer cells.

I have figured out that the immune system works much like my spam filter. If it's too aggressive you get autoimmune disease. If it's not aggressive enough you get cancer. As we get older our genetic expression becomes distorted and the immune system has to get sloppy, otherwise our immune system would kill us off at age 40. Our bodies produce cancer all the time but the immune system smacks it down. But as we age more cancer sneaks through which is why old people get cancer.

The idea here is that 5 years from now cancer researchers are going to figure out a cure, and that cure is going to be like what I just described. But I need to leapfrog this because I'm not going to be here 5 years from now. But today's drugs would do the same thing if the combinations, sequence, and timing are done right. Researchers are exploring combinations, but sequencing and timing is a new concept.

And of course I'm going to need to convince my oncologist to try a protocol that has never been done before. And that might be that hard part.

This is all new to me so I could use some help. I'm trying to find cancer experts and immune system experts to review this, get excited about it, and add to the idea so when I do it I'll have an even better plan. So feel free to pass this email around to the right people because this method isn't limited to just my cancer, but can be used against most cancers. And this is all assuming that I'm not in a state of self delusion and wishful thinking.

So - I'm now upping my odds from certain death to a 1 in 5 chance of making it - and that's based on nothing really. But it's a good quality fight and I like to fight.

Feedback appreciated,

Marc Perkel /root

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