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Hello friends and family,

As of today I am 18 months in since I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on Aug 1 2016. And I'm still alive and feel mostly normal. Back when I was diagnosed I didn't expect to still be around this long especially considering that I have refused all conventional treatment. In fact, it's more likely that chemo would have had no effect against my cancer and would likely have killed me.

I have just completed a second round of radiation and immunotherapy drugs and this time there was no effect either positive or negative. The idea was that if there is an immune response in progress that this will boost it. But at this point I still have no idea why I'm still alive because the scans remain confusing.

The last scan in early December showed everything the same size, nothing changed; nothing bigger, nothing smaller, no new mets. Most people would be thrilled but I'm confused. The immune system trick I'm doing has a more binary outcome where it either totally wipes out the cancer or it does nothing. So I expected it to either be a lot bigger or a lot smaller.

There are several possible explanations.

1. White blood cells also light up on a PET scan and the cancer might already be totally dead and is very slowly being eaten by the immune system. And that would be great.

2. I have been taking an anti-cancer cocktail of my own design that attacks cancer through multiple pathways and this combination has kept the cancer at a stalemate, neither growing or shrinking. But it would be odd that it didn't grow or shrink on any tumor. But apparently this cancer is hard to image and results are not reliable. In the past different doctors see different things.

3. I have a very slow growing cancer, and I'm just lucky, and nothing I did had any significant effect.

4. The universe really can't get along without me in it and it changed its mind about booting me out.

At this point I actually feel like I know less than I used to but at the moment I'm working on 2 different strategies at the same time. While I am hopeful the immunotherapy trick worked I have added more anti-cancer supplements as well as starting on the Ketogenic diet. If option 2 is correct my new plan should set the cancer back quite a bit.

I recently found out that normal cells can run on either sugar or fat, but cancer runs on only sugar. That immediately lead to the ketogenic diet where I eat no carbs and make up for the calories in eating fat. And as a side effect - I'm losing weight. There also is evidence that once I get to a very sugar starved state that hyperbaric oxygen treatments might really fry cancer. But I'm still designing a cocktail that should really kick butt in a way that has beneficial side effects.

The keto diet is very counterintuitive. Bacon good, fruit bad. You have to eat fat to lose fat. But I'm losing weight and women should find me even more irresistible. It's a diet that seems to work well for anyone contemplating dieting.

I'm also documenting everything so if you know people who have cancer - this might be useful. And feel free to pass this email to anyone interested. It might turn out that I'm one of the most advanced minds on the planet for fighting cancer and if that's true - isn't that just a little bit sad. Here's the link:


I'm also discovering the very very premise that the oncology world is based on - is wrong. Most people believe cancer starts with a genetic mutation that leads to cancer. But it turns out that cancer might start as a metabolic disorder that leads to genetic damage. If this is true it might be easy to create a general cure for all cancers that targets the unique metabolism of the cancer cells. Something like creating a toxin that activates in the presents of fermentation byproducts and attached to sugar as a delivery mechanism. You get a shot and the next day all your cancer is dead. More on that in the future.

So - bottom line is - more likely than not that I'm still here next year. But I can still drop dead unexpectedly at any moment. If that happens either the universe will end or someone will start a cult in my name based on the worst aspects of my personality. (I'm glad I won't be around to see that.) But if I'm dying I'm doing it way to slow to be interesting. Thanks for reading my detailed explanation of no news really.

Marc Perkel marc@perkel.com Twitter: mperkel

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