Why the world needs to stop NSA spying

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Why the World need to unite to stop the United States NSA PRISM spying

The United States NSA/PRISM spying program is a threat to the world community and the world community needs to put a stop to it. We can not sit back and let one nation with 5% of the world's population dominate the rest of humanity by monitoring everything we do. It's bad for the world and it's bad for America.

There's nothing special about America or being an American

America seems to think that they have some special place in the world as if being an American makes you some sort of superior person or in a higher caste than the rest of the world. From America's point of view there are two kinds of people, Americans and foreigners. Americans making up 5% of the world's population and foreigners making up the other 95%. In relation to the NSA question American politicians seem to think that foreigners have no privacy rights and that there isn't even a debate as to whether or not America can collect any information about them. From the American perspective foreigners are a subhuman class. They are terrorist suspects. The Constitution only applies to US citizens,

America's smugness does not come without some basis in reality. America was a democracy from its inception and has been instrumental in promoting the model of rule by the people. America played a major role in World War II in defeating Hitler's armies. Although America wasn't first it became a leader in the conquest of space. America is known for its achievements in inventing new cool things like the transistor, the integrated circuit, the microprocessor, and the Internet itself. America has Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay, Intel, Cisco, and Twitter. America might think, "We invented the majority of this stuff so we own it." Logically however the San Francisco Bay Area could make that some claim.

America is also the world's economic powerhouse as well as the leading military force and the world leader in espionage. America is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. America is the big guy. America can often take what it wants by force ignoring the opinions of the rest of the world. America is in reality #1 in many important areas and it's easy to understand why America sees itself as superior and other nations see America as superior because there is a basis of real accomplishment. In contrast North Korea, who also sees itself as the superior nation doesn't have a reality based basis for that position.

I bring this up not as justification that America is superior, but to create an understanding as to how this came to be. The debate would not be complete without providing this context which is important and should not be ignored. In fact, if not for America's history of technological success the NSA wouldn't be capable of the amount of spying it is doing. Much of the physical infrastructure for the Internet is located on American soil and is under the control of American companies subject to America's jurisdiction. In fact other countries who are also spying on the Internet are using American technology to do it.

America is a young country - and just one of many nations

Having said all this America is still a very young country at less than 250 years old. America can be likened to a child who grew up faster than the other children but is still in the process of developing its social skills and doesn't often play well with the other children. America didn't invent Democracy. Much of modern day civilization is based on the Greek and Roman civilizations. Many much older civilizations preceded America. The empires of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Germany. Ancient civilizations from China, Japan, Egypt, India, and the Middle East areas have existed for thousands of years. And humanity itself came out of Africa. America's primary language English came from England.

Civilizations come and go. They exist, rise to greatness, and as long as they live in right relationship with reality they flourish. However if they decline or are conquered by a superior civilization then the map is changed and the evolution of civilization continues. America is just one country in a world community that is always changing and evolving. America has not always been on top even during its short existence. And is likely not to stay on top for very long due to the evolution of humanity through technology. A new evolutionary paradigm is forming around the Internet and a new world community is an emergent property of that evolution.

We are all citizens of the world

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