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Direct Server Side Folder Delivery

The email server has the ability to deliver email directly into server side folders other than your INBOX. Suppose you are and you have a folder called "ebay". To send email directly to your ebay folder, send the email to:

This will deliver it directly into your server side ebay folder. So you set your Ebay account to then your email from Ebay will go directly into your ebay folder on the server. Note that the folder name must be all lower case.

Spam Folders

In order to use the spam folders option you have to be using IMAP and not POP. Only IMAP allows you to control server side folders.

The Computer Tyme email system allows for direct delivery to server side IMAP folders. If you create the folders using these special preassigned names then your spam will be classified and delivered into these folders (The folder names must be all lower-case). The creation of these folders signals the email system to deliver spam into the folders. Deleting these folders turns off this feature. The folders are:

spam-low - for low scoring spam

The spam-low folder is for low scoring spam. These are messages that are probably spam, but if the system makes a mistake, the mistakes will end up here. Check your spam-low for false positives. If you get real spam in spam-low, please drag it to your spam-missed folder so the system can learn it.

These spam folders do not have to be emptied out. Any email left in these folders for 7 days is automatically deleted. So if you do nothing they clean themselves out.

Spam Learning Folders

We also have two feedback folders called:


Spam missed lets the system learn any spam that sneaks through the filter. If you get spam in your inbox or spam-low then drag it into spam missed. Every 5 minutes the learn bot comes by and learns the spam. This educates the system so that the next time that spam might be rejected. The learner is common to everyone so when you let the system know about spam it helps keep everyone else from getting it.

Don't drag messages from spam-high or spam-veryhigh into spam-missed. These messages are automatically learned and drapping them into spam-missed just loads down the server.

The spam-notspam tells the system to learn what isn't spam. But message put in this folder are deleted so don't put anything in there you want to keep. As the server processes and clears this folder every five minutes, it is a good idea to copy any false-positive messages from your spam-low folder to your inbox *before* moving the original message from spam-low to spam-notspam.

Personal Blacklist / Whitelist - Advanced Settings

You can log into the web control panel and set all kinds of features. We have white listing and black listing based on the sender, subject, headers, host addresses, and message content. You can change your password there, set vacation messages/auto responder, set up sender based routing for folder delivery, set up automatic expiration of email in folders, and create magnetic folders for automatic folder routing.

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