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Tricky DNS Hosting Services

Computer Tyme / Junk Email Filter are now offering DNS hosting services. Our niche will be low cost hosting and tricky DNS functionality allowing records to be changed based on virtually any conditions. We have yet to develop all conditions but will do custom work for those who want to do unusual things that no one else offers.

Initially we will start with fail over switching. You have 2 servers, main and backup. What we detect the main server is down we switch IP addresses to point to the backup server. When the main server comes back online we restore the IP address. We can also do conditionals based on time of day or day of the week. But we are looking for you to tell us what you want and we'll see if we can provide it.

Right now we have 6 name servers online located in a variety of geographically diverse locations. We can easily expand to more as necessary. If you are interested in this service contact us at support@junkemailfilter.com and we'll see what we can do. Pricing has yet to be set. Currently we are using this system ourselves for our spam filtering service but looking to expand into other areas.

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