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Name Server Settings

This section is for customers where we host everything. If you are here for spam filtering see the MX record section below.

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. That is the Internet service that allows the world to find your web site when they type in your domain. It translates you domain name into and IP address. The name servers for Computer Tyme are:


Ordinarilly Computer Tyme will provide DNS services for your domain. If you are new to Computer Tyme you need to go to your registrar and set your name servers with the above information. This gives us control to set the IP addresses of all your hosts and mail exchange records. With three servers in different locations we can ensure that no matter what happens, the world will be able to find where the servers that host your site are.

MX Record Settings

Normally most users don't have to mess with the MX records. But if we are providing front end spam filtering services for you and you are managing your own name server then these are the settings for the MX (Mail eXchange) records:

mx.junkemailfilter.com - Priority 10
mx.junkemailfilter.net - Priority 20
mx.junkemailfilter.org - Priority 30

Ordering and numbering is important. It is also important that you not add any of your existing MX records or and other MX record to the list as it will defeat the way the spam filter works. If your DNS for asks for a "host" enter "@" in that field which is a reference to your current domain.

Here's the instructions if you are Changing your MX records with cPanel.

Outbound SPF settings

If we host your email or you are using our outbound filtering service, it will help your mail deliverability if you add our systems to your SPF record:


If you don't send mail from anywhere else, your SPF record can look like this:

v=spf1 include:spf.junkemailfilter.com ~all

In your DNS settings, a SPF record is a TXT type record that is entered against your root-level domain.

That tells the world that Junk Email Filter is the legitimate source for your outbound email. Please consider, however, if you send or have mail sent for your domain through any other services or locations that you MUST include those locations in the record (think office scanner, third party marketing or newsletter services, mailing lists, etc.)

DNS Tools

DNS Registrar Management

For those of you who have an account at Computer Tyme DNS Services you can Manage Your Account.

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