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== Links ==
== Links ==
[Combining Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy]
[ Combining Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy ]

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Cancer Information

This is an information page on the progress of my cancer fight. At this point the first treatment is working and the cancer has stopped progressing for now.

Letters I've sent out about my status

  • letter1 - Letter to EFF Staff
  • letter2 - Letter to Church of Reality
  • letter3 - Phase 1 trial drugs Caprelsa and Affinitor
  • letter4 - Announcing work on my own cure using immunotherapy
  • letter5 - My first treatment plan is working - cancer has stopped progressing for now
  • letter6 - Treatment plan stopped working - no treatment at this time
  • letter7 - Starting a custom immunotherapy treatment
  • letter8 - Did I just cure my Cancer?
  • letter9 - Made it one year so far

Cancer Treatment Strategies


Combining Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy

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